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parks•leslie•yes we cane


• So I'm really obsessed with this little musical called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. If you live in New York, promise me you'll go see it. Lotto is only $20 and it is worth the price alone for Ben Walker's body. RIGHT? I MEAN, COME ON. I posted an audio of it a while ago but if you just want a snippet, download it here. A hot hot man in tight tight jeans that can sing like that? Get at me. Any show that uses Spice Up Your Life to introduce the members of Congress has to be amazing.

• I miss all of you. Please fill me in on your lives. I'm so behind on all my tv. I've watched the first two episodes of Lost Girl, the first three of Haven (love), and new Sanctuary yayyyy. Oh hey show, you are my favorite. Supernatural has been kind of eh, but I'm digging Sam this season. He's been a major bamf, y/y?

•Work has been the same. I'm so close to just quitting Starbucks it's ridiculous. I'm going in tomorrow to apply for a bartending job in Broadway houses. Pay is $19/hr plus tips so that's kind of fucking awesome. I got to work at New York Comic Con selling womens' Star War shirts. It was...interesting. People went apeshit over that stuff. Though the shirt I got out of it is rather awesome. Luke Skywalker, you're kind of hot.

I also decided to have an impromptu late night sans makeup photo session. Don't scream
parks•leslie•yes we cane

random post is random

I just marathoned about three seasons of Buffy this week. I used to watch it as a kid but only now realized how amazingly brilliant it is. I'm kind of obsessed. And uh, Buffy/Spike? Kind of the hottest relationship ever. Spike in general is just fucking hot. I need icons immediately. Anyone know of a really good cap site? I'm about to watch the last episode right now. :( But I'm moving on to Torchwood next, weee!